The Grit School

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 16.52.09Bridging the gap between young creatives and the music industry

The Grit School is a music industry and artist development programme for 16-24-year-olds based in South London who are not in education, employment or training. The 7-week programme will give aspiring young creatives  fresh insights into an ever changing industry, Building their creative, music-making and business skills, connecting them with a network of professionals & like minded creatives, shaping the next generation of the industry. 

The 7 weeks is packed with sessions hosted by industry leaders including major and indie label representatives, music publishers, artist managers, established and professional session musicians, producers and songwriters. This year’s course will run from mid-May until early July. Sessions will be delivered online and in-person, with necessary Covid regulations in place. 

The 7-week programme culminates in The Grit School Live, a showcase giving young creatives the platform to put on their own gig in the heart of brixton and celebrate their collaborations, new skills and talents at Pop Brixton. 

‘The Grit School course was super useful in a variety of ways – one, in that it enabled me to get connections to industry professionals in a variety of fields within music, two, in that it has given me vital insights and new skills that will stay with me forever in my career in music, and three, in that I got to meet a group of some of the most lovely and talented young people in London, who I have been collaborating with consistently both during TGS and since the course ended.’ 

‘I am proud about what I have accomplished and as a result have been left very optimistic about my future in music. I could not have done half of the things I have achieved if it wasn’t for the loving and caring support from the friends I have made being here and the course facilitators Sarah-Nell, Tom and Miri for believing in me, to them I am forever thankful.’

The Grit School was previously funded by Arts Council England , this year by Youth Music. IT is supported by Lambeth Sounds, Raw Material and 3Space. Our 2019 Grit School was featured in GQ magazine by Ciaran Thapar in his ‘All City’ column. 85 young people have now come through The Grit School (2016 – 2020).

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