From Scratch

SGS and Finding Rhythms present ‘From Scratch’ (Artwork by Komikamo)– the first project of its kind, bringing young musicians from South London together to start a journey of collaboration & growth, breaking down barriers to create new music together.

Setting up in a room in Brixton Community Base, a local community building, the group came together once a week, for 12 weeks, to write and record 8 songs – completely from scratch – guided by Robin and Aaron from Finding Rhythms. In the final weeks, we were joined by Brixton Chamber Orchestra, who recorded strings for three of the tracks, offering a rare opportunity for the young musicians involved to work with classical musicians.

Have a listen to the album on Spotify here or on Soundcloud:

Teshay Makeda and Lil Trubz talk through the process of creating of ‘Moving Forward’:

The musicians involved included a range of vocalists, rappers and instrumentalists.

FR x SGS will be partnering again to run a similar project twice in the next year, bringing together 30 young people who are considered ‘at-risk of offending’. All revenue from sales and streaming of this album will go straight into funding the next project. If you would like to donate or support this, please get in touch.